Surgical Center FAQ

When will I know my arrival time?

A nurse will call you 2 days before your surgery with your arrival time. If you do not receive a call by 2 p.m. the day before your surgery, please call (402) 421-8899.

How long will I be there on the day of surgery?

You should allow an hour for a cystoscopy, prostate biopsy, or vasectomy.

Most general anesthetic surgeries require approximately a 4 hour stay. Before your dismissal a nurse will review post op instructions with you.

What can I expect for a procedure at Urology Surgical Center?

You will need to change your clothes into a hospital gown, robe, and slipper socks. Your vital signs will be recorded, and consent forms will be signed. We will also review your medications and review the procedure with you.

If you are having a general anesthetic the above will be done plus we will start an IV. Most pediatric patients IVs will be started after they are asleep. Anesthesia personnel will visit with you before your procedure.

If I start my menstrual cycle should I still come to my appointment?

You can still come in for your appointment. You may be asked to remove tampons prior to procedure.

How long till I have results from my procedure?

A plan of care will be established after a cystoscopy. Any biopsies taken will take a week for results. Your physician will inform you how you will get those results, and what follow-up appointments are required.

Why can't I eat or drink anything for 8 hours prior to surgery?

You must remain “nothing by mouth” for 8 hours so that your stomach is empty. Contents in the stomach with administered anesthesia can cause vomiting with potential aspiration into the lungs. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your surgery.

What and when will I be able to eat?

After your procedure specific instructions will be given to you. During your recovery period, you will be offered some light snacks and something to drink. You may resume eating as soon as you feel up to it. We recommend starting with light foods, such as toast or soup, and then gradually working up to larger and spicier meals.

Will I be asleep and will it hurt?

General anesthesia patients do not hear or feel anything. If you have conscious sedation you will be kept comfortable by the anesthesia personnel. For a cystoscopy, prostate biopsies or vasectomies, a topical and/or local anesthetic will be used and discomfort will be minimal.

Why do I have to remove all my jewelry before surgery?

During your procedure, your surgeon may use an electrocautery device that allows rapid control of bleeding and tissues biopsies. This device uses electricity that, if it conducts through your metallic jewelry, may cause a burn. For this reason, we ask that you leave all jewelry at home.

Will I need pre-testing before my surgery?

Yes, depending on your health condition, you may need pre-operative testing. This will be determined by your surgeon and anesthesiologist prior to your surgery.

Can I wear my dentures during my procedure?

If you are having a general anesthetic, we will request that you remove your dentures just prior to leaving your pre-op room, they will be given back to you as soon as you are awake. This is due to the possibility of bending or breakage during your procedure when you will not be able to protect the dentures. If you are having topical anesthesia, you may keep your dentures intact.

Do I need a driver?

We do advise that you have a driver, but it is not required for a cystoscopy, prostate biopsy or vasectomy. However, these procedures may be done under general anesthesia.

Can my driver leave the center while I am in surgery?

We request that your escort remain at the center until you are ready to leave. It is acceptable if they have a short trip (i.e. refreshments, errands) to make and will return immediately. If your driver leaves the center, we must have a phone number they can be reached at.

IF you have a general anesthetic you will have to have someone take you home and stay with you 24 hours after surgery.

How soon can I go back to work?

Your return to work will be determined by your surgeon. This is something you need to discuss with him. A work release can be provided to you the day of surgery, if needed. Also if FMLA or disability forms are filled out by clinic personnel and can take up to 1 week to complete. There is a nominal fee for this.

Will my family member be allowed in the pre-op or recovery area?

For the privacy of all patients, family members may be allowed in the pre-op area. Two parents or relative of a child (age 19 and under) may accompany the child to pre-op area. When the child goes to the operating room the parents will stay in pre-op area. When surgery is complete, you will be moved to a consultation room to visit with the physician. You will be able to return to the post-op area when the child returns to their room.

What if I don't feel like going home that day?

Because of the nature of the procedures that are scheduled at the surgical center, that would be unusual. However, should a situation occur where a patient’s needs would be better met in a hospital, we have agreements with both hospitals in the community to transfer you to the facility of your choice.

I just had surgery and I have some questions and concerns.
Please refer to your post-op instructions sheet. If you do not have one or still have questions, please call the office and talk to a nurse.