Your Visit for Surgery

for your visit

Approximately two days prior to your surgery, you will receive a phone call from a staff member who will review your pre-operative instructions with you and will provide you with your arrival time. It is important that you follow your pre-operative instructions carefully.

If you have not received a call by 2:00 pm on the day prior to your surgery, please call (402) 421-8899.

The Urology Surgical Center is located at 5500 Pine Lake Road, Lincoln, NE 68516.



The main entrance of the Urology Surgical Center is the door to the right of at our main building entrance. You will be greeted in the surgery center reception area. Our receptionist will verify your information (demographic and insurance) and will alert the nursing staff of your arrival.


Pre-Operative Area


You will be asked to change into a hospital gown, robe and slipper socks. Your vital signs; including your blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate will be checked by one of our nurses prior to your procedure. Our team will ensure you are educated about your procedure and the plan for your care and your consent for treatment will be obtained. We will review your medications and health history with you. Your provider may order additional testing (i.e. lab work or x-ray’s) to be done at this time as well. Depending on your type of procedure, your surgeon may “mark” your operative site with a marker as an additional safety measure.

If you are having anesthesia, we will start an I.V. and you will meet with an Anesthesia provider prior to your procedure to discuss your anesthesia plan of care. Most pediatric patients IV’s will be started after the patient is asleep as long as it is safe to do so. 


Operating Room


You will be assisted to one of our operating rooms where our qualified surgical team will care for you during your procedure. Prior to starting your procedure, our team will conduct a “Timeout” to verify the correct patient, planned procedure, and to discuss any important items for your care. Depending on your planned procedure, you may have a physician, an advanced practive provider, Registered Nurses, Surgical Technologists, Radiology Technicians and/or other pertinent personnel present during your surgery. Urology Surgical Center does value education and serves as a training site for students in the medical field. We will first ask you for your permission if there are students present who would like to observe your procedure.

Recovery Area


Depending upon your surgery and type of anesthesia you received, you may remain in bed for a short time, move directly to a recliner, or change clothes and be dismissed. Family members are generally allowed in the recovery areas; however patient safety and patient privacy is also important; so visitors allowed in our recovery area at the discretion of the nurse and care team.



Patients will be monitored to ensure they are safe to discharge from the facility. Recovery time can vary from patient to patient.  For your safety, after receiving sedating medication or anesthesia, you MUST have someone drive you home and to be with you the first 24 hours following your procedure.