Your Visit for Surgery

Two days prior to your surgery, you will receive a phone call from a staff member who will review your pre-operative instructions with you and give you a set arrival and surgery time.

It is important that you follow your pre-operative instructions carefully.


The main entrance of the Urology Surgical Center is the door to the right at our main building entrance. Visitors may wait for patients in the reception area. Our receptionist will verify your demographic and insurance information and alert the nursing staff of your arrival.

Pre-Operative Area

A nurse will escort you to the pre-operative surgery area where you will be asked to change into a hospital gown, robe and slipper socks. A family member may accompany you if desired. We will check your blood pressure, pulse, and temperature. If you are having a general anesthetic, an IV (intravenous) will be started. We will tell you about your planned anesthesia and surgery, and answer your questions.

Operating Room

You will be assisted to one of our operating rooms, where our staff of physicians, registered nurses and surgical techs are present with you throughout your surgery. If anesthesia is required it will be administered by an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist.

Recovery Area

After your surgery, you will be taken to the recovery area. Depending upon your surgery and type of anesthesia, you may remain in bed for a short time, move directly to a recliner, or change clothes and be dismissed. Family members are generally allowed to join you in the recliner recovery area.Once you are fully awake, you will be offered fluids and a light snack, such as crackers. Your nurse will:

  • Review post-operative care instructions with you.
  • Schedule follow-up appointments as needed.
  • Provide you with medication prescriptions your doctor has authorized.


Patients having surgeries utilizing local anesthesia or intravenous sedation are generally discharged 30 minutes to two hours following surgery. For your safety, after a general anesthetic, you MUST have someone available to drive you home and be with you the first 24 hours following your procedure.